Top 7 Best Light Meters for Photography

Every photographer knows that lighting can dramatically change the feel of an image. But controlling for that effect can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, light meters make it a far more manageable task. But a perfect picture requires the perfect light meter. We’ll rank the best light meter for photography by effectiveness, ease of use, price, … Read more

How to Clean Camera Mirror

A camera for a professional is a technique that the owner always treats as carefully as possible, carefully monitoring its condition. However, even with proper care, during use, dust particles and small particles of debris will eventually settle on the parts of the device over time. This article will tell you how to properly clean … Read more

How to Name Photography Business

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Best Underwater Disposable Camera

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Best Camera Straps Reviews

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Best 4k Camera Under $500

Nowadays, people are more camera-conscious than ever before. The craze of capturing all the moments and sharing on social media platforms has become a norm. We see not just our friends but even strangers clicking pictures to capture their special moments like vacations, parties, etc. As a result, we have cameras in every pocket that … Read more

Canon SX410 Review

Photographs turn memories into tangible things we can see with our eyes and hold in our hands. When we take a picture of something, we’re doing so because there’s something about that moment we want to remember. The key factor that determines how vividly our memory is triggered comes down to the quality of the … Read more

Different Parts of a Camera

We take photos like it’s in our DNA. In fact, more photos are taken every two minutes now than had ever existed 150 years ago. But like much of the technology we use every day, you might not know how it all works. Learning the different parts of a camera can help you better your … Read more

Sony DSC W830 Review

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W830 is an ultra-compact camera first introduced in 2014. Since then, the Sony DSC w830 has been a staple of the point-and-shoot market and is one of the most affordable options available without sacrificing image clarity and shooting speed. You won’t get wifi or good video features, but the price tag more … Read more

Canon PowerShot SX400 Review

Canon releases a new installment in the line of compact bridge superzoom cameras with a jaw-dropping 30x optical range. It is the predecessor of the SX520 but differs slightly in the sense that the Canon PowerShot SX400 is more of a point-and-shoot camera with simple operations in a little compact body. The SX400 ranks well … Read more